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Are you a retail start-up?  
Do you want to start a new retail business?

Market entry concept and strategy should be the first thing to consider, followed by a business plan, and sufficient monetary and human resources. Many entrepeneurs start new retail businesses with the idea that “fast-fail” is an acceptable business strategy.
It isn’t!
It’s expensive!
Furthermore it can be demoralising for internal teams or external investors if plans fail due to foreseeable events!

Retailing as a global industry has a wealth of history, that can be used to illustrate why some ideas work and some do not. 

Foley Retail Consulting - Startup Services

At Foley Retail Consulting we have access to that history that means we can at the very least consider obstacles that will need to be overcome and advise the best way to manage such challenges.

Retailers often use FRC’s start-up business plans as support for fund raising at an early stage of the start-up venture. We have become practiced in bringing together investors and retailers with start-up plans and helping the retailer present a robust business case that will attract serious interest from venture capitalists both large and small.

Foley Retail Consulting’s retail start-ups services include:

Foley Retail Consulting has supported a number of clients with really accurate knowledge of the real costs and efforts needed to launch a start-up retail business in many different parts of the globe.

For more details, see our Retail Start-ups Expertise!

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