Foley Retail Consulting

“FRC were able to provide prompt and accurate services for our needs, their knowledge of global retailing is impressive”

“Foley Retail Consulting is a reliable source of strategic help in a start up situation. Paul Foley understands the discount food concept and its business processes, we are pleased with the outcomes!”

“Experience and retail knowledge of the market distinguishes FRC in their precise and pragmatic due diligence work”

“As a producer of special viscose fibre, we are at the very beginning of the supply chain. Our core competences are innovation and cooperation with customers and partners, including retail. Support, cooperation and excellent knowledge of Foley Consulting has helped us to explore the retail areas in order to develop and commercialize our products in a more efficient and targeted way.”

“Having worked with Paul Foley for a number of years, I consider him to be an extremely insightful retailer and of the highest integrity as an individual. Paul’s drive, experience and commitment make him an invaluable partner to work with.”

“Due to his extensive experience and leadership roles in the food retail industry,  Paul Foley has a very good understanding of the makeup of the modern food retailing industry and the challenges and opportunities it faces. He is able to articulate these in clear and precise language. We found his insights and understanding of real value. I am happy to recommend him to the industry.”

“Foley Retail Consulting have been providing valuable advice for Gippo hypermarkets in Belarus for many years. Solutions are trusted and practical!”

“Foley Retail Consulting are excellent practitioners of retail commercial due diligence in the Middle East region. They bring a focus that only a retailer can deliver!”

“I have sought the opinion of Paul Foley in the field of European Discount food retailing. He understands the importance of being relevant to the consumer and has a better than most grip of what drives results in this tough industry”

“We engaged Paul Foley to help advise with the ambitious project of reviving the Desetiri Bazaar in the middle of Tbilisi, Georgia. The contribution was a genuine partnership with Solutions and Local entrepreneurs. The expert help was useful and pragmatic in a huge Agri-market scenario.”