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Route-to-market for FMCG Brands

Our route-to-market services cover the challenges of placing your FMCG brand in new sales channels or geographies!

How to define your brand’s best possible route-to-market for new territories is a service provided by Foley Retail Consulting!

We use a combination of evaluation analysis of your current product portfolio performance and overlay this on new markets. We can predict the position your brand should achieve together with an outlook for the future by analysing trends across comparative markets.

We have created a significant database to be able to calculate what market shares any new product should be able to achieve, FRC’s senior partners‘ experience can identify what challenges are likely to be presented by competitor brands trying to defend their market share. We normally are asked to create a business plan to assess risk and reward for financing a new market entry.

Foley Retail Consulting Route to market

The following services offered by Foley Retail Consulting:

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