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FMCG Marketing and Brand Building

Do you want to build your brand into a stronger position?

Successful retailing requires a relevant and attention grabbing marketing programme. Creating an effective communication to the target customers is not as easy as large successful FMCG brands make it look!

Having performed projects for retailers coming from various branches, geographies and market conditions, we have a good feeling for what makes a successful marketing and brand building strategy.

We have deliberately recruited partners with proven FMCG experience from companies such as Nestlé and Frisch&Frost, as this has been useful when creating programmes for retailers. This of course means we are in a position to support FMCG brand owners as well.

Foley Retail Consulting Brand Marketing and Building

With so much consolidation having taken place in the last 20 years in modern saturated retail markets, FRC is particularly experienced at creating or supporting strategies designed to get your products listed for particular large retailers. 

This can be very important, as it can be a real problem to miss out on a 20% plus portion of a large market, because your brand is not on the shelves of a specific retailer, or maybe the retailer’s private label is performing the role your brand used to.

Foley Retail Consulting can offer you an answer to these challenges with the following support:

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Nat Roberts
Development Manager, The GPT Group