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Retail Category Management

Are you looking for optimisation of your buying operations? 
Are you looking to reduce the number of SKUs and reduce stock holding? 
Are you looking to improve gross margin and increase sales?

The introduction of modern category management best practice will be your answer! In addition to all beneficial financial effects, CATMAN is also the key to crystallising your concept in the eyes of your customers and makes your business the “first choice” for them!

Category Management is often best understood by middle management and staff and implemented with great skill when explained and work-shopped by expert consultants. Ensuring every product has a unique role to play in creating a perfect assortment needs very clear understanding by procurement teams and good methods of data management analytics. 

Foley Retail Consulting Category Management

Simple ABC analysis these days falls short of the tools available to systematically demand a certain performance from every product range. Foley Retail Consulting has restructured commercial teams in several companies from supplier led or listing fee motivated assortment strategies, to much more successful ranges supporting a clear retail position and sending a unique proposition to a retailer’s customers.

We offer the following:

Preparation stage:

Assessment stage:

Organisational structure and goal setting:

Execution stage:

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