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Retail Turnarounds Expertise

Foley Retail Consulting are experts in evaluating and implementing turnaround situations. We know how to conserve resources, we know how to restructure overheads and teams and we know how to identify new strategies, which will set a retail business going in a positive direction.

If a business is unfixable, we will declare it at the preliminary investigation point!
An objective, unattached view of what needs to be changed, coupled with hands-on experience means that Foley Retail Consulting is capable of creating a solid strategy and forming a project management team to lead the turnaround or to support an existing management, ensuring change is driven through.

Foley Retail Consulting Retail Turnarounds

Retail failures are mostly about poor concepts rather than just poor execution. Trying to execute a poor or out-dated concept normally just consumes huge amounts of money! Foley Retail Consulting has made a significant contribution to rescuing failing enterprises by restructuring the whole organization.

Often the need of a retail turnaround arises after a retail acquisition or merger of two businesses. Our references indicate that we are an ideal partner for Private Equity businesses investing in retail opportunities. Find out more about our due diligence services.

“FRC were able to provide prompt and accurate services for our needs, their knowledge of global retailing is impressive”

Nat Roberts
Development Manager, The GPT Group

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