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Foley Retail Consulting´s most frequently requested project is to find ways to cut costs in retail operations. The two largest costs a retailer has are its cost of premises, (rent) and cost of retail staffing. A combination of business process reorganisation, in all the supporting services to the stores, strict measurement of all tasks and ideal organisational structure allows for a staffing model to be built which will in most cases increase store productivity and therefore save cost.

Foley Retail Consulting Retail Cost Management Efficiency

Arguably the best retailer worldwide for cost control is Aldi, as two of the partners at Foley Retail Consulting have a background at this prolific retailer, we have a track record second to none at reducing operation expenses!

The expertise relies on streamlining processes to the lowest level of complexity possible, creating a benchmark for how much resource is required and measuring the execution in a way that ensures constant improvement.

Creating constant comparison measurements keeps the new levels of cost under control. In the case of labour productivity and staffing costs organising an incentive for management to constantly improve on past performance ensures this vital area of cost is managed at a world-class level!

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“FRC were able to provide prompt and accurate services for our needs, their knowledge of global retailing is impressive”

Nat Roberts
Development Manager, The GPT Group

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