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Successful retailing requires a relevant and corresponding retail marketing support programme creating the external communication to the target customers.

Having performed projects for retailers in various branches, geographies and market conditions, we have a good feel for what makes a successful marketing retail strategy. We do not replace a retailers own marketing department or market ourselves as an external marketing agency, but we will assess current strategies and support our clients with the evaluation of new concepts. A big part of our contribution is to analyse if marketing concepts are, or can be, properly executed on the shop floor which is surprisingly often, not the case, even with experienced retailers!

Foley Retail Consulting Marketing Expertise

One particular example of our marketing expertise is illustrated by FRC’s engagement in either the development of new or the adaptation of existing customer loyalty programmes. In turbulent times with retailers facing increasing competition and higher concentrated markets, it is getting more and more important not only to acquire new customers, but to defend and keep the existing ones. Loyalty schemes are a powerful tool in this regard. Firstly, they facilitate getting to know the customers and their needs much better. Secondly, a good retail loyalty program can create far more targeted marketing campaigns and as a result increase the customer retention.

Lots of retailers in emerging markets attempt a loyalty programme which ends up in a pure discount card. This doesn’t bring the customer intelligence needed to run a proper loyalty scheme. The only thing achieved is an effective reduction of margins with no real value behind it.

Read in our case study how we have helped a hypermarket operator to successfully manage the transition from an ineffective discount card scheme to a fully functioning efficient retail loyalty programme.


“FRC were able to provide prompt and accurate services for our needs, their knowledge of global retailing is impressive”

Nat Roberts
Development Manager, The GPT Group

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