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Paul Foley, VOLI’s independent director supports the STOP INFLATION campaign in Montenegro.  

Paul Foley, član Borda direktora kompanije Vol - izjava

Minister of Economic Development & Tourism Goran Đurović and VOLI CEO Dragan Bokan announced the campaign on 21.03.2023, with the aim to combat rising food prices and the impact it has had on low-income households. All major retail chains including Voli, Mercator, Laković, Domača trgovina, Franca and Megapromet have responded to the aim of the campaign. 

Montenegro, like many other countries, has been hit by global energy price increases, supply chain disruptions, extreme weather events, resulting in higher food prices. The country’s reliance on imports for much of its food supply, at around 70%, makes it vulnerable to fluctuations in global food prices. These circumstances, leave many Montenegrin households struggling financially.The STOP INFLATION campaign aims to address these issues and ensure that all Montenegrins have access to affordable food.


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