Who we are

Foley Retail Consulting is a company that spans the globe, providing retail strategies that work.

We focus purely on retail!

Foley Retail Consulting is a business founded by Paul Foley after 23 years at the retail giant Aldi Süd. The business idea is to form a team of C-Level executives from various retail industries and skills who offer themselves as an outsourced project team to solve retailers and investor challenges in a quick and practical manner.

Our clients may be classical store chains, internet-only organisations or multi-channel operators, we provide strategic advice and guidance based on three principles:

  • All recommendations are grounded on a thorough analysis of our clients’ situation.
  • Advice is always pragmatic and can be explained to the entire client organisation.
  • We offer to accompany our clients through the implementation phase.

Since 2010 Foley Retail Consulting has operated in Europe both West and East, Russia and CIS countries, most countries in the Middle East, and Brazil.

Foley Retail Consulting will add value to the ‘core’ concept of any retail business! This can only be achieved by real attention to detail, because it is true what many have said in the past: “retail is detail”.

We know well the doubts that are brought against management consultancies. And we openly agree that there is substance to such popular perception, as expressed in this example taken from the internet: “Ninety percent of these so called ‘strategy consultants’ can put down a lot of theories and ideas on paper, but have zero sense about successful or for the matter, realistic implementation. They are a waste of money most of the time.”

And therefore our approach is not an academic one – we offer executable retail concepts and solutions derived from practice. The partners of Foley Retail Consulting encompass over 135 years of individual retail experience. The feedback and results of our clients confirm the trust that is placed in our work’s quality and value.

The ability to actually implement our advice sets us apart from traditional management consultancies. We have the courage of our convictions to stay with the client and see the advice through the implementation stage to a successful conclusion. For an ambitious retailer this is a strategic step to obtain a market leader position.

Our client base are retailers from various business segments or investors who are:

  • in a turn around situation
  • in a start-up or significant growth phase
  • wanting commercial due diligence
  • looking for value creation understanding
  • FMCG businesses who want a route to market
  • companies lacking internal resources to execute new projects/ideas

Over the years a significant data-base of best practice models in most retail situations has been put together, coupled with the experience of the FRC Senior partners who all have “hands on” pasts. The cross fertilisation of ideas and practices from different retail and FMCG industries means Foley Retail Consulting brings innovative solutions, often overseen by overloaded management with critical operational daily tasks consuming their time.