UBS Global Consumer & Retail Conference 2017

Paul Foley UBS Host: UBS
Date: March 9th, 2017
Location: Boston, USA

Paul Foley, partner at Foley Retail Consulting (FRC) and an ex Aldi UK executive, was a guest speaker at the annual UBS Global Consumer & Retail Conference, which was held in Boston, USA. This two-day event brought together key industry executives, institutional investors and UBS professionals.

Paul Foley participated in the panel on “Private labels and the emergence of hard discounters”. He gave a forthright opinion on the emergence of hard discounters in the US and the potential impact on the profitability of the entire grocery industry and supply chain over the next decade. His views were based on 40 years industry experience and his work on 3 continents with hard discount chains.

Paul Foley’s claim that there is “no chance that Lidl (and Aldi) would not be successful in the US market and this would elicit a strong response from the market leader Walmart”, was questioned hard by investors and commentators. Paul also suggested that this would change the role of private label in the US, which underperforms Europe significantly.

For more insights on discounter entry strategies, read Paul Foley’s recent commentary on “Why is Lidl going to enter the USA market?”.

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