Two-day retail development seminar

IPM Business school, retail development FRC Host: IPM Business School
Date: October 14th and 15th 2014, 10:00-17:30
Location: IPM Business School, Minsk, Belarus

During this two-day seminar, Paul Foley visited the IPM Business School in Minsk, Belarus, to talk about current retail trends in front of executives, managers and specialists from various business fields.

On day one, Paul Foley outlined the pillars of customer centricity and explained what a business can do in order to become more customer centric. The program comprised a theoretical approach as well as a workshop part involving the audience.

On day two he focused on efficient store staffing models and illustrated their importance by using two case studies. The studies included an efficient staff scheduling model already installed in Belarus and Russia which has brought savings and improvement to customer service at the same time! Not an easy thing to do!

In addition, Paul Foley gave an overview over the retail trends in Belarus.

Speakers: Paul Foley