The Loyalty Conference

Loyalty Conference FRC Host: Partner Events Ltd, The Loyalty Magazine
Date: March 2nd 2015
Location: Royal Garden Hotel, London, UK

On the 2nd of March, Paul Foley participated in day 1 of The Loyalty Conference – Lessons from the Winners – which took place for the first time this year.

In addition to a selection of Loyalty Award winners, invited speakers explained how modern loyalty began its journey from Air Miles, Nectar and Boots, through to the loyalty environment we have today. And of course the big question – ‘where to now?’ was also under discussion.

Paul Foley, who worked for ALDI for 23 years, explained how and why the discounters are so effective at challenging the traditional retailers, how they have managed to build up such an impressive business, and how they collect their customer data.

He also discussed with Loyalty Magazine editor Annich McIntosh and shared with the audience his opinions on the role of loyalty and what he thinks should happen to keep loyalty programmes relevant.

Paul Foley The Loyalty Conference 1Paul Foley The Loyalty Conference 2

Photo credits: Partner Events Ltd.