Redburn Food Manufacturing & HPC Conference: “Discounters and their relationship with major brands”

Redburn Food Manufacturing FRC Host: Redburn / Corporate & Strategic Access
Date: Wednesday, March 26th 2014, 8.00am
Location: French Salon, Claridge’s, Brook Street, London, W1K 4HR

The aim of this conference was to provide investors with industry insights beyond routine access to quoted companies. This Redburn event brought a range of speakers together who addressed a number of the most pertinent topics affecting the Food Manufacturing and HPC sector today. These include managing through emerging market currency devaluations, returns on investment from Digital marketing, successfully coexisting with hard discount, M&A prospects in consumer healthcare and Nespresso’s rising competiton.


  • Andy Tisman, Senior Principal, IMS Health
  • Jean-Paul Gaillard, Chairman, Ethical Coffee Company
  • Paul Foley, former CEO, Aldi UK
  • Stephen White, Founder, EMM International
  • Vindi Banga, former President, Global Foods and HPC, Unilever