Rebuilding a store from the ground up

Building a store from the ground up Clerys FRC

Following catastrophic storm damage in July 2013, Clerys iconic Dublin Department Store was closed for trading, with ceilings, shop fittings, flooring, lighting and offices destroyed across three floors.

Our Senior Consultant Sue Dunn was asked to work with more than 46 Concession and Cosmetics brands to secure their re-entry, and relay the offer within the repaired and redesigned floors to achieve best-in-class new shopfit and stock package from all players to relaunch in an exceptionally tight timescale ahead of Christmas.

She had two key brand exits to replace with equal or better offers in the same short period.

The strategy

Key to Brand Management is communication and collaboration, ensuring that Brand partners understand the strategy and are incentivized by support and encouragement to achieve the ambitions of the host, thereby also maximizing their own trading opportunity.

International Cosmetics brands, with stringent overall fit and layout requirements, and generally long term shopfit construction timelines, need specific careful handling.

The method

Sue was hands-on in hard hat with her partner brands in the building site which was the store, to inspire them with the vision of the new opportunity.

She was key in the overall design and relay of the floors to ensure most commercial trading.

Regular communications were personal, clear and honest, she ensured close and detailed briefing on shopfit requirements, and then reviewed shopfit proposals and product ranging, as well as securing brand participation in relaunch marketing. She followed through with facilitating staff training on new tills as well as delivery and installation of shopfits and merchandising of stock.

The result

Clerys store relaunched in November 2013 after a 19 week rebuilding programme to huge interest in Dublin and Ireland generally, the prize-winning architecture contributing to historic O’Connell Street, and the store trading positively on the previous year despite the 19 weeks of total closure.