New FRC service – “deep-dive” critical evaluations for investors

deep dive study due diligence FRC paul foley

As part of our commercial due diligence services, in which we evaluate the health of retail or FMCG companies to guide a potential acquisition or investment, we also offer a so-called “deep-dive” study.

This is meant to be an insightful and critical evaluation of a retail/FMCG company for investors, who want a realistic view not only on the publicly available financial figures, but also on the condition and future expansion plans of the target company from a retailer’s perspective. This assessment can include an on-site market study, management team evaluation or expansion strategy check and can be performed, if required, within a short time span of two weeks.

We are increasingly aware that investors facing pre-due diligence challenges are not satisfied with academic style desk top studies, which often lack practical experience and valuable insights from an operator/practitioner perspective.

FRC delivers exactly this missing knowledge in our new due diligence service “deep-dive” studies. Due to the recent extension of our team and the significant retail experience of all partners and senior consultants, we can meet your immediate needs in this due diligence area.

If a “deep-dive” study is required, please get in touch here.

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