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Global Retail Expertise Foley Retail Consulting

Our global expertise has shown us that retail markets all over the world generally experience similar evolution patterns, determined by the stage of development of traditional vs. modern retail, economic and geopolitical circumstances, globalisation rate and speed of retail formats. Therefore, we at Foley Retail Consulting can apply our experience in a variety of regions and economies of various stages of development to new territories and foresee the competitive retail environment in our clients’ markets.

Nevertheless, we know that there are no two same retailers on this planet. We pay respect to each client’s individual situation and offer customised retail consulting services.

Our retail consultancy centres its business model on providing mature market ”know how” for emerging markets. Foley Retail Consulting has built considerable international expertise from projects successfully completed globally, often with regionally active retailers as well as from our retail consultants’ multi-country careers.

Regional understanding with a view to the future

Our headquarters in Vienna, Austria, locate us at the hub of the action, with an instant insight into emerging retail development, especially throughout Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. Today these new markets provide the perfect environment for growth of a truly great retail business.

Significant developing areas of the world are at the moment rapidly converting from traditional forms of retail to modern multi site chain stores. This is an exciting, rapidly developing area of commerce with many modern retailers literally rushing to be first to dominate new markets. With this in mind, we here at Foley Retail Consulting believe well laid out strategic planning based on thorough analysis and market experience is the key to finding success.

Our expertise in retail consulting specific to Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East sets us apart from other traditional consultants. The team at Foley Retail Consulting has experience with the special issues retailers in these regions are facing, for example in Russia and CEE the historical preferences for central control and meticulous documentation. We are able to bring bold but considerate solutions to improve efficiency throughout our clients’ organisations. This has ensured competitivity for the future, vital for a retailer contemplating growth.

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