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Pauls Investor-Briefing über die Störung der australischen Lebensmittelindustrie in Sydney

Paul Foley Sydney Australien

Managed and organised by Morgan Stanley, one of Australia’s leading investment banks, Paul Foley gab einer Reihe von Investmentanalysten in Sydney seine Sicht auf die nächsten Schritte bei der Umstrukturierung der Lebensmittelindustrie des Landes. due to the accommodation of the discount formats from Aldi and Costco.

Paul’s comments “that the halcyon days of grocery companies profits are over” and “there are significant differences to the UK situation” provoked a lot of interest and questioning from industry watchers and analysts.

Perhaps the most controversial claim from Paul Foley was that the disruption is about to enter a more magnified stage and that current strategies from Australia’s incumbents are unlikely to be enough to withstand what comes next from the disrupters.



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