Commercial Due Diligence

Commercial Due Diligence FRC

Are you planning to acquire an existing retail or FMCG business?

One of the first steps for private equity investors or strategic investors is the evaluation of the health of a retail or FMCG company to guide a potential acquisition or investment, so called Commercial Due Diligence. Foley Retail Consulting uses its experienced ex-retail executive partners to understand the real opportunities based on hands-on experience and FRC is skilled in the following processes:

  • The process of detailed commercial due diligence investigation and reporting
  • Market visit guidance, covering all relevant retailers, price surveys and analysis of strengths and weaknesses of all players
  • Location analysis of target business and competitors
  • Similar market comparisons
  • Ramp up expansion programmes feasibility study
  • Neighbouring market threats
  • Identification and quantification of hidden value adding strategies
  • Risk assessment and SWOT analysis including clarity on difficult to manage areas
  • Future business potential analysis
  • Valuation, budgeting and exit plans
  • Management competence assessments

Foley Retail Consulting has supported a number of investors in the process of commercial due diligence, covering both retailers and FMCG companies. FRC retail experts have also been part of larger international financial due diligence projects, complementing teams from bigger consulting groups (e.g. PWC, E&Y, McKinsey). This has been a successful combination for clients, as financial consultants are not always able to understand key reasons why a retail organisation manages its business in a certain way.

We have successfully carried out commercial due diligence projects in the UK, Poland, Turkey, Austria, Russia and Saudi Arabia. Retail types and formats such as food and grocery, variety and discount stores, consumer electronic retailers, loyalty service providers and FMCG manufacturers have all been satisfied clients. Within our commercial due diligence project history, Foley Retail Consulting have specific coffee industry expertise at the areas of manufacturing, route-to-market and retail levels.

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