Commercial Due Diligence Expertise

Commercial Due Diligence Expertise

Foley Retail Consulting offers support for private equity investors or strategic investors by evaluating the health of retail or FMCG companies to support a potential acquisition or merger.

Our focus is normally to carry out a detailed market investigative visit. This is particularly important in emerging markets, as data is notoriously unreliable even from famous sources. Next we clarify the market size and market growth potential, analyse all the competitors and comment on their likely plans for next five years. Then using our experience, we forecast the shape of the market and explain with figures and logic why some retailers will be winners and some losers. This builds a complete picture to ensure investment decisions are based on a really detailed understanding of the market under scrutiny.

Foley Retail Consulting is skilled in the process of commercial due diligence procedure, assessing the risks and potential future development. These critical risks are assessed by FRC from a retailer’s perspective, which is key to accurate valuation, budgeting and exit plans.

FRC have managed several complete execution of commercial due diligence projects, but also, FRC retail experts have been part of larger international financial due diligence projects, complementing teams from bigger consulting groups (e.g. PWC, Deloitte, McKinsey). This has proved particularly effective for clients as financial consultants rarely are able to understand key reasons why a retailer has a level of current performance.

We have successfully carried out commercial due diligence projects in the UK, Poland, Turkey, Austria, Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Retail industries such as food and grocery formats, variety and discount stores, consumer electronic retailers, loyalty service providers and FMCG manufacturers have all been satisfied clients. In the scope of commercial due diligence, Foley Retail Consulting have specific coffee industry expertise at the areas of manufacturing, route-to-market and retail levels.

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