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Your Career FRC

Our aim is to provide our clients retail strategies that work. To maintain this ambitious claim we require the most skilled, experienced and motivated employees.

Being a management consulting company at the core of our beliefs is the perception that management must add value to their business every day. Consistently this is also our own internal guide-line.

From day one you have access to specialized senior consultants, who provide you with great mentoring opportunities and access to skills from absolute experts of this industry. We offer you more client contact and less bureaucracy than the biggest consulting companies. We are free of laming politics being symptomatic to most big generalist consulting agencies. You will not be asked to force-fit standard solutions like so many in-house consultants. To the contrary: we encourage you to adapt our well-proven existing approaches where necessary and to creatively find your own way of solving every individual client’s challenge where needed.

This is a task demanding a high level of professional knowledge in the field of retail and company processes, very good analytical abilities and of course very well developed personal skills combined with excellent knowledge of foreign languages.