A new study* on the use of leaflets in the retail sector reveals that digital media is now a key consideration

Leafled study Austria FRC

To reach consumers over a wide area, it now needs an increasingly stronger integration of digital communication – especially to appeal to young people. Over 90% of the study respondents inform themselves about discounts and promotions via leaflets and the internet. Only 8.2% of the consumers exclusively use leaflets, these are mainly elderly people.

Reasons for the strong increase in the use of digital information channels are primarily the search for discounts and offers for individual products. In this case, over 70% of respondents in this representative survey of Austrians between 15 and 69 years, use the internet for their research. Also, the frequency of only using digital communication is increasing. 36.8% use the internet several times per week to look for promotions.

The digital transformation away from leaflets is now highly visible! While elderly consumers use promotion portals as a practical addition, younger target groups have already replaced leaflets digitally.

Leaflets are traditionally one of the most important means of communication for retail companies, but should not longer be the main crowd puller of the marketing strategy.

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*) 2004 Austrians between 15 and 69 years during the survey period 10th to 24th March 2016, www.wogibtswas.at, Mindtake Research. May 2016