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Foley Retail Consulting offers support for FMCG manufacturers in their retail strategy development, especially in regards of their positioning with various retailers or route-to-market. Due to our significant retail knowledge we are able to provide investors in manufacturing a different perspective for their sales and marketing strategy and enhance their understanding of the retailers’ needs and targets. In this connection FRC covers following areas of expertise:

FMCG route-to-market Expertise

FMCG Route-to-market expertise

This is a complete strategy from the products leaving the factory to their placement on the shelves of the retailer and finally in the customers’ hands. We would usually start the process of a strategy review with an assessment of the product range of a given manufacturer and their suitability for various sales channels (e.g. retail, online, B2B, etc.) and assess the possible geographies of expansion. In the process we would consider and point out the chances of success and the required investment. The result is usually a brand (re-) positioning strategy and a business plan for the brand development and sales performance.

The mixture of retail, FMCG sales and marketing past careers in our team, positions Foley Retail Consulting ideally for the execution of route-to-market projects which we have already successfully done for brands in Austria, Croatia and Russia.

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FMCG Marketing and Brand Building Expertise

FMCG Marketing and Brand Building Expertise

The route-to-market of a product always needs to be supported by a corresponding marketing strategy guaranteeing the communication of the manufacturer’s message to the end consumers. We support manufacturers in creating and presenting their marketing strategy to the sales channels. Understanding clearly the positioning of products and building a brand is the starting point to creating a story that the end consumer can understand. We have developed a clear approach to ensuring that gaining listings at retailers or online platforms has a greater chance of success due to our knowledge of how the retailer thinks and what will motivate a positive outcome.

Our team members represent a colourful mix of past careers not only with retailers but also with FMCG manufacturers with sales and marketing roles, which brings us an objective view of “both sides of the equation”. We have successfully fulfilled FMCG marketing projects for Austrian, Croatian and Russian customers.

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FMCG Private Label Expertise

Private Label Expertise FRC

Caused by the growth of the discounting in recent years throughout the world, manufacturers of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) often face a dilemma of either developing the manufacturer’s brand and enlarging their portfolio by new product development (NPD), or producing a private label (PL) product for a given retailer.

Due to our vast retail knowledge we can support manufacturers in this decision, pointing out the advantages and risks of both routes and supporting them in understanding better the retailer and customers’ needs. We claim a special competence in the area of private labels, due to the operational experience of our team members with long term past careers in the retail discount industry, in particular with Aldi Süd.

The result for the FMCG manufacturer is the choice of the right mix between branded and private label products, which varies depending on product category, geography and stage of market development, in order to optimise their capacity utilisation.

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